How they work

However it can be extraordinarily difficult to relax the body. If the body can’t relax then neither can the mind. To still the mind you must first still the body.

Some people can meditate in lotus position, or on cushions but for most people getting the body comfortable enough in these positions to focus attention on the mind is difficult and trying to meditate from a chair or from lying usualy results in sleep rather than mindfulness. If this is the case for you then a meditation stool could be the answer.


A meditation stool lets you sit in a comfortable position for extended periods of time without aches, pains or discomfort.

These meditation stools are backless and have short legs. When sitting on the stool knees are bent and touching the floor and legs are tucked underneath. This might sound uncomfortable but it is, in fact, extremely comfortable.

In addition, by sitting this way, the back is kept straight which aids correct posture. This is something that is as important in every day life as it is in meditation.

These meditation stools are made from pine and robustly built with folding legs for easy storage.





legs folded






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