Yoga and Osteoporosis

Exercise can literally save your life; without it your body deteriorates.  If you are inactive, your bones will lose density and can lead to osteoporosis, a disease prevalent among older women. If we remain physically active, bones continue a healthy process of regeneration and remain strong.

Our bodies are designed to be used. Walking and yoga are the ideal combination for strengthening and balancing the body.  Walking is excellent because it is practical and suitable for most people, but it only strengthens the bones in the feet, legs, pelvis and to a lesser extent, the spine.  Yoga, on the other hand, strengthens the bones throughout the body.  It is a legitimate weight-bearing form of exercise, especially strengthening for the upper body.

Yoga not only strengthens bones, it can actually help to prevent falls in the first place by improving balance and co-ordination, posture and body mechanics.  If an older person should accidentally stumble and fall, yoga reduces the degree of trauma and likelihood of fractures by strengthening the muscles and making them body more flexible.  Strong muscles are better able to control and absorb the impact of falls.  Moreover older people who practice yoga feel stronger, more agile and confident.

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